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Yoga Club

YOGA IS HERE! Visit HERE for more information! 

The practice of yoga originated in regions of northern India more than 5,000 years ago. Though our Stonewall Richmond yoga is a far cry from those origins, we gratefully acknowledge the culture that began the practices that we still use today to connect to our bodies and our minds.

Stonewall Yoga hopes to provide a safe space for yogis of ALL experience levels to practice, learn and connect together. We typically offer outdoor yoga during the Spring and Fall (we are also hoping to begin offering indoor yoga during the Summer and Winter!). These seasons are 6-8 weeks long, with an hour-long session once a week. Location and instructors may vary from season to season. Instructors may also rotate within a season, which allows for exposure to a wide variety of yoga types and teaching styles!

How to get more involved

Yoga Club Committee consists of members, a chair, and the Wellness Director. We are currently seeking new members AND a chair!

Committee members should be ready and willing to meet virtually on a monthly basis to help plan upcoming yoga seasons and to complete tasks outside of meeting times to get seasons up and running. Committee members are also expected to attend at least some yoga sessions.

Click here to learn more about and apply to the Committee. The Board will review all applications and contact applicants in a timely manner.

Questions? Please email us at For committee questions, please email

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