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Spring 2022 Tennis Club Information

Registration for the spring season now closed. If you have any questions, email

Registration: February 18-March 6 (This season is designed for all levels of play. Beginners are particularly encouraged to register! Don't have a racquet? We can help.)

Cost: $30 ($27+$3 fee)

Location: Battery Park Tennis Courts

Dates: April 2-June 11. See full details below for court dates, meet-up dates, and the tournament.

Season Overview

The season will feature a 9-week challenge ladder, with new rules to ensure the bracket remains active and engaging. At the end of the 9-week challenge ladder, a tournament in team format will be played, featuring a randomized draw by player level. Throughout the season, the club committee will offer several court or meet-up days that guarantee players the opportunity to practice their gameplay and skills.

Club Offerings

Challenge Ladder - The challenge ladder will consist of singles competition among participants. Players generally challenge up on the ladder but are encouraged to challenge down too. New this season, players will have the option to choose between a best 2 out of 3 set, with 10-point tiebreaker, or an 8-game pro-set, understanding that scheduling can be difficult.

     o The challenge ladder will run Saturday, April 2 through Friday, June 3

     o If a player is inactive for two weeks (14 days) for reasons other than an excused trip or injury, they will automatically drop a position on the challenge ladder. Every subsequent week shall be an additional position. Players who drop on the challenge ladder for attendance    purposes, may still be ranked at a higher level for the team format tournament at the discretion of the club committee. (i,e. Players may not rig rankings going into the tournament.)

Court Days - Court days will be held on select Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to noon at Battery Park Tennis Courts.

     The dates/themes are:

     o March 26 - Player Introductions and Games

     o April 16 - Doubles Play 101

     o May 7 - Playing the Net 101

Meet-up Dates - Meet-up dates will be held on select Tuesdays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Battery Park Tennis Courts. The club committee guarantees to have representation so that players may scrimmage and practice their game/skills. There is no set format for meet-up dates.

     The dates are:

     o April 5, April 26, and May 17

Team Draw Party - Teams for the tournament will be randomly drawn, based on player level. Team draw will be on or near June 7. We hope to host at a sponsor bar/partner.

Team Format Tournament - On Saturday, June 11, the club committee will host a team format tournament. At the conclusion of challenge ladder play, players who have registered for the tournament (free for club members but denotes availability on tournament date) will be grouped into levels of play. Registrants will be split into two (or more) equal as possible teams. While each team will be drawn at random, the intent is for each team to have equal representation among levels of play. A select number on non-club member spots may be available but are not guaranteed. Each player will have one singles and one doubles match in the team format tournament. These are head-to-head matches, not bracket play.

Questions? Contact the Tennis Club Coordinator at

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