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All players will be required to show proof of vaccination or negative test results within 72 hours of each game. For players in need who are unable to get vaccinated or tested weekly, we will provide testing supplies in order for them to show a negative test result for each game. Players are not required to wear masks while playing games, but spectators and players not playing a game will be required to wear masks within game areas. For more information, please click here.

Stonewall Grand Slam Tennis Tournament 2021

Registration dates- Register by October 25th

Cost/fee- $12 plus $3 processing fee

Stonewall Sports - Richmond Fee Waiver Application - Fall 2021 Tennis (

Game date(s)- self-assigned games will take place from October 27th through November 11th 2021. Tournament day will be on November 13, 2021. Games will be the below:

Consolation Singles - One 8-game Pro Set.

Quarters: 9 am to 10 am

Semi: 11 am to 12 pm

Final: 2pm to 3 pm

Doubles - One 8-game Pro Set.

Quarters:: 10 am to 11 am

Semi: : 12 pm to to 1 pm

Final: 3:30 pm to 5 pm.

Game time(s) or a general timeframe- Games will be self assigned except for tournament day. Tournament day games will start at 9am and end by 5pm at the latest.

Location- Byrd Park

Beneficiary- Nationz Foundation

Season/tournament information in a nutshell

Stonewall Grand Slam Tournament Style:

The Club will host a Grand Slam tournament running from October 25, 2021 until November 13, 2021 culminating in a finals on a Saturday which will include the following: a consolation bracket, a doubles tournament and a beginners/intermediate/advanced finals. The rain back-up date would be the following date (Sunday).

Players will be grouped into sections - sections will be based on how many Singles participants sign up. Sections will be determined by:

Self Ranking with

Consideration of previous season standings - the club committee has discretion to place players as to promote equal playing fields in each section

However, the Grand Slam tournament draw will be based on the following preferences

Previous season standing (Spring 2021) then,

Self Ranking then,


Tournament Ladder Format (First Round, Quarters, Semis)

Best of two sets with either a Super Tie Break or a third set. This needs to be divided and agreed on during the warm up.

First Round to be completed from October 27th until November 3rd. Players will need to reach out to their competitor and schedule play. Scores need to be recorded no later than November 3rd. The competitor that won needs to send an email to no later than 10 pm. If the match is scheduled and one person needs to reschedule as long as it can be mutually agreed on before the close out date then the game scores will be recorded. If the person that initially has to reschedule can not get a reschedule date then the game is defaulted to the person able to play the original time. The same rules apply in the instance that the second match needs to be rescheduled.

Quarters begin Thursday, November 3rd and run until Thursday, November 11th. Same rules apply for rescheduling. Scores need to be sent by 10 pm Thursday, November 11th to advance.

The Tennis Club Committee will facilitate weekly Doodle polls for players to easily coordinate match availability.

Players will send an email to letting leadership know if they would like to be entered for the consolation bracket. Players will not automatically be placed into the consolation bracket.

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