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Stonewall Kickball | Richmond

Join Stonewall Sports Richmond for our Spring 2024 Kickball Season!

This season you will see a couple of new things during registration. Please read carefully.


Captains may register their teams beginning on 2/21. 

Player and Free Agent Registration will open 2/23 and run until 3/8 or all available player spots have been filled. 


Teams of 18-24 players.

Teams are considered complete once they have 14+ registered players. This means that team is guaranteed a spot in the upcoming season. Any team with less than 18 players at the close of registration, but 14 or more registered players, will receive free agents to meet required number of players per team. Free Agents will not be assigned to any team with 18 or more registered players unless approved by the captain or deemed necessary due to registration numbers. If you are brand new to the Stonewall Sports - Richmond family, you do not need a team to register. Many teams within our league have started as Free Agent teams. Free Agents may be assigned to a new or existing team based on their skill level ranking and availability, but all will be accommodated!


Captains, please remember to be mindful when selecting a name for your teams. We strive to be a place of safety and community, and must consider diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that we do.


Regular season games will be 4/7, 4/14, 4/21, 4/28, 5/5, and 5/19 with the season tournament the weekend of 6/1 and 6/2. There will not be games on Mother's Day (5/12) or Memorial Day Weekend (5/26). Mother's Day may be used as a rain date in the event any games need to be rescheduled. Games will take place between 11:00-4:00pm, but are subject to change.


This season instead of asking captains to rank their team's skill/experience level, we are asking captains to submit their choice for which Division they would prefer to play in. Division Assignment will also be based on predetermined Division Sizes. Captain's preferences will be taken into consideration if able, but if we are unable to accommodate then previous seasons success and numerical rankings will dictate placement.

The three options are as follows:

  • Beginner - Teams with mostly new players, and/or teams that are interested in a more recreational style of play.
  • Intermediate - Teams with a mix of new and experienced players, moderately strategic play. The Intermediate Division may be broken into two regular season "conferences" based on registration numbers. These two conferences will serve as the the baseline for tournament seeding with each conference winner meeting in the final Intermediate division tournament championship game. Conferences will be equally distributed in regard to skill level.
  • Advanced - Teams with more experienced players, highly strategic and competitive play

Captains are expected to share their division preferences with their team players and any interested free agents.


Everyone who registers will be asked to rate their individual skill level on a scale from 1-4. Players returning from a previous season of Stonewall Sports Richmond Kickball are expected to rank themselves a 2 or higher.

  • Level 1 player has never played kickball and is a first time kickball player with Stonewall Sports Richmond. They are beginners who are brand new to the sport.
  • Level 2 player has previously played kickball with Stonewall Sports or another league but may still be fairly new to the sport. They understand the basics but and most general game mechanics, but may not be interested in more strategic play.
  • A Level 3 player has played a few seasons of kickball. They have an intermediate understanding of game rules and mechanics and are interested in moderately strategic play. 
  • Level 4 player has played several seasons of kickball and/or has a more thorough understanding of the rules and game mechanics. They want to continue refining their skills and to play at a more strategic and competitive level.
  • Level 5 player has played several seasons of kickball and has a strong understanding of the rules, game mechanics, and skills. They are interested in strategic and competitive play.


Financial access should not be a barrier to participation in our league. The Stonewall Sports - Richmond Fee Waiver is designed to offer individuals experiencing financial hardship the opportunity to become a member of the Stonewall Sports - Richmond community at a discounted and/or waived fee. For more information/to apply, please click here.


Team captains will be able to choose their t-shirt color based upon the following parameters:

1. A returning team may keep their last season Kickball t-shirt color if that team has a returning captain/co-captain in a team leadership role. Exceptions may be made if both the captain/co-captain are no longer able to serve as captain/co-captain, but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

2. T-shirt color preferences will be honored based upon the order that teams complete their registration (having 14+ registered members) and provided the captain requests T-shirt colors from the following T-Shirt color options link. T-Shirt Color Options (once a team is granted a shirt color, subsequent requests by other teams for similar colors may not be granted at board discretion if it is deemed that the color request will make it difficult to discern one team from another).

3. Once a captain's shirt preference is logged, if that team decides to change shirt color preferences, their team's place in preference order may also change depending on the number of teams who have complete registrations and have provided accurate T-shirt color option requests. The color requests must be reported to, even if the change is made on LeagueApps (the email timestamp will be used to determine new placement in preference order).

4. If you would like to update your color preferences after registration it must be done via email to

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