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Stonewall Sports - Richmond | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Committee Members and Ideals

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote diversity and inclusion regardless of age, race, religious ideology, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, or athletic ability. We strive to be the most accessible organization possible for all facets of our LGBTQIA+ and Allied Richmond community.

Fee Waiver

Financial access should not be a barrier to participation in our league. The Stonewall Sports - Richmond Fee Waiver is designed to offer individuals experiencing financial hardship the opportunity to become a member of the Stonewall Sports - Richmond community at a discounted and/or waived fee. You can find the Fee Waiver Application links for our upcoming seasons and events under the Registration tab or under the individual upcoming sport or event's tab. 

Contact Us

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? We would love to hear them! Email our committee at 

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